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8 thoughts on “ I Wouldnt Dare

  1. Mikajind
    The trouble is, I wouldn't dare touch any of this. Il problema è che non avrei il coraggio di toccare niente. Believer me, Professor, in life I wouldn't dare deliver the oration. Credetemi, il professor, vivo non avrei il coraggio di mantenere il discorso funebre. I wouldn't dare to comment.
  2. Kagazshura
    to be brave enough to do something difficult or dangerous, or to be rude or silly enough to do something that you have no right to do: I was going to ask if his dog was better, but I didn't dare in case she had died. [ + (to) infinitive ] Everyone in the office complains that he smells awful, but nobody dares .
  3. Zulurr
    Outcry of a chav. Usually found uttered in NorthEastern schools, chavs will cry this when another does something the aforesaid chav considers unacceptable. This usually includes doing work, talking to the teacher, or having a basic grasp of personal hygeine (something chavs unfortunately have not evolved to have). See I wouldn't dare.
  4. Yogis
    Oh, but I wouldn't dare Lean and whisper that I care Oh, but I wouldn't dare That would only break the spell And I have learnt to love so well And it wouldn't be fair So I wouldn't dare Oh I could see us as a pair But I would'nt dare We could have a sweet affair But I wouldn't dare No I 'll be happy just to dance With this illusion of romance.
  5. Kekasa
    Lyrics to 'I Wouldn't Dare' by Laura. Everyone lookin at me like I should be so hurt But did you ever think I wouldnt care about her When you walk into the room with your arm around her waist You expect me to be all over you and to be threatening her to stay away.
  6. Taulrajas
    I wouldn't dare haggle over something so delicate, inspector. Je n'oserais pas marchander sur un sujet aussi sensible. I wouldn't Dare wear them. Je n'oserais pas les porter. I wouldn't dare, Princess. Je n'oserais pas, Princesse. I wouldn't dare to break the rules, boss.
  7. Mit
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